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10Ltr Epoxy Resin 1:1 AB Kit Art DIY UV Crafts Glass & Water Clear Epoxy Coating

10Ltr Epoxy Resin 1:1 AB Kit Art DIY UV Crafts Glass & Water Clear Epoxy Coating

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EPOXY RESIN SUPER CLEAR Casting Kit for UV Art and Jewelry

Explore the potential of our EPOXY RESIN SUPER CLEAR Casting Kit, perfect for UV art and jewellery projects. The images provided showcase the beautiful effects you can achieve with this kit. Perhaps, you too can create such masterpieces.

Detailed Description


Safety Certified: Our products are registered with the Australia Department of Health under the Industrial Chemicals Act 1989, exceeding Australian Industrial Chemical Standards.

Crystal Clear Finish: Achieve a crystal clear cure, making it ideal for wooden bar tops, embedding pictures, bottle cap table projects, and more.

UV Resistant Formula: Includes UV inhibitors to resist yellowing when exposed to sunlight and UV light.

Self-Leveling Mixture: Automatically levels over surfaces, including corners and edges, ensuring consistent thickness.

Superior Air Release: Our formula minimizes the risk of bubbles, fish eyes, or cratering, providing a smoother finish.

Included in the Kit:

EPOXY RESIN with a 1:1 Ratio Mix by Volume

A Pair of Gloves

Comprehensive User Manual

User Guide Highlights:

Understanding the resin and hardener components.

Detailed steps on measuring and mixing epoxy resin and hardener.

Safety precautions for a secure working environment.

Creative tips for adding colors and effects to your resin projects.

Suitable For:

This kit is perfect for coating artworks, resin paintings, table tops, timber features, and more, providing the depth of finish equivalent to about 50 coats of varnish. It also includes colourant resin pigment for easy addition to your resin, offering high permeability, environmental safety, and a high concentration of colour.


Mix pigments gradually to achieve your desired color. Adding a small amount at a time allows you to observe the shade transition from light to dark.


Approximately 1 Ltr of mixed resin covers 1 square meter on a flat, non-porous surface. The resin has a working time of about 45 minutes and an initial cure time of about 18 hours, with full cure achieved in 3 days.

Cleaning Up:

Clean all tools with Acetone or MEK. For hand cleaning, soap and water, white vinegar, or our special hand cleaner can be used.


Once mixed, use the resin immediately to avoid wasting it as it begins to cure.

Always use protective gloves when handling the product.

The actual item colour may vary slightly from the photos due to monitor differences.

Elevate your craft with our EPOXY RESIN SUPER CLEAR Casting Kit, designed for artists and creators who demand quality and clarity in their work.

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Our goal is to ignite your artistic passion through resin art! Should you not reach the expected outcome within 30 days or sooner, you're welcome to return your materials without any complications or inquiries. We're dedicated to facilitating your creative exploration!


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