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24 * 20ml Colors Glitter Pigment Debris Resin Epoxy Dream Flash Powder Crafts

24 * 20ml Colors Glitter Pigment Debris Resin Epoxy Dream Flash Powder Crafts

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Product Description:

Elevate your resin and epoxy crafts with our vibrant glitter pigment colours. Choose from 24 stunning shades that add a dazzling effect to your art projects. Made with premium-quality pigments, these long-lasting colours are easy to use and mix seamlessly with resin or epoxy. From jewellery making to decorative pieces, unleash your creativity with limitless possibilities.


Product Features:

Choose from 24 vibrant glitter pigment colours for resin and epoxy crafts, providing creative versatility.

Create eye-catching and dimensional effects with these glitter pigments, enhancing the beauty of your art and craft projects.

Made with high-quality pigments, these colours are vibrant and long-lasting, ensuring the longevity of your resin creations.

User-friendly and easily mixable with resin or epoxy, these pigments are suitable for beginners and experienced crafters alike.

Perfect for various resin and epoxy crafts, including jewellery making, artwork, and decorative pieces, offering limitless creative possibilities.



Package include: 24 bottles


dream coffee x 1

gradually light blue x 1

dream gola x 1

gradually orange x 1

gradually light pink x 1

dream blue x 1

dream pink x 1

dream black x 1

dream deep red x 1

dream bronze x 1

gradually yellow x 1

gradually deep blue x 1

gradually light green x 1

gradually white x 1

gradually red x 1

gradually pink x 1

gradually orange-red x 1

dream silver x 1

dream green x 1

gradually purple x 1

gradually rose x 1

dream rose gold x 1

dream royal blue x 1

dream purple x 1

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